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Grace Kane P.E.

Traffic Analysis

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Traffic Analysis provides critical services regarding the safe movement of traffic within unincorporated Skagit County. Some of these services include: permitting of special events and film productions utilizing Skagit County roadways, traffic volume counts, speed studies, turn movement studies, sight distance studies, collision rates, roadway signing, deployment of a Radar/Speed trailer, and roadway speed limit changes. We provide these services for Public Works, other County agencies, State agencies, and other interested parties.

In addition, personnel investigate critical injury and fatality collisions on Skagit County roadways, manage and maintain the Skagit County Road Inventory, as well as the Skagit County Pavement Management program, which monitors the condition of pavements on County roadways.

We share Skagit County residents’ concerns regarding the safety of our roadways and we carefully evaluate all requests for safety on our road system. Annually, we process between 120 to 150 service requests from private citizens or other departments and agencies. To aid in this effort, we have compiled a Neighborhood Traffic Safety brochure that is available online from this page. This publication answers many of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding traffic safety issues. Publications are also available regarding safe driving and bicycling in Roundabouts.

In addition, you may fill out an online Service Request Form, E-mail our department directly to bring any of your traffic safety concerns to the attention of staff, or apply for a Special Event Permit to use Skagit County roads for runs, walks, bicycling, or other events.
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Turning Movement Count for
Cook Rd / Old Hwy 99 N Intersection