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Prosecutor: Rich Weyrich
Victim Witness Division

The Victim Witness Division provides information, vital support and advocacy to victims and witnesses of crime in Skagit County. Our division is comprised of three full-time advocates and one part-time advocate who work cooperatively with prosecutors, law enforcement, and other agencies in order to help victims and witnesses of crime proceed through the legal process.


Advocates are available to help victims navigate the criminal justice system and work to ensure that all crime victims are treated in accordance with the Washington State Constitution and the Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights. We attempt to maintain communication with crime victims and witnesses regarding the legal procedure in a criminal action. We can provide assistance in applying for Crime Victim’s Compensation , a state program which may provide compensation for physical or mental injuries resulting from a criminal action.

The Victim Witness Unit strives to connect victims with available resources (link to links) within the community while providing ongoing support for those victims and witnesses involved in the criminal justice system.

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