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Skagit County Clerk: Melissa Beaton
Exhibit Procedure

Clerk’s Responsibility

Deputy Clerks are responsible for the security and custody of all exhibits once they are marked into evidence. Any marked exhibit must be returned to the clerk after a witness has completed testimony about the exhibit. Exhibits that are marked, but not offered, will not be returned to counsel without an order withdrawing exhibit.

Marking of Exhibits

Exhibits are numbered sequentially, in the order they are received, regardless of the proposing party (i.e. State’s 1, State’s 2, State’s 3, Defendant’s 4 [Not Defendant’s 1]). Each exhibit will be individually marked.
If you are planning on using a notebook for your evidence presented at trial, please coordinate with the trial clerk and opposing counsel to obtain the appropriate exhibit numbers (i.e. Plaintiff may be preassigned exhibit numbers 1-200, and Defendant 201-400.) If exhibits will be preassigned, please create an index of your evidence and email the list to the trial clerk. The trial clerk will prepare the official exhibit list with all of the trial exhibits. The index you provide is purely for reference.

Return or Destruction of Exhibits

At the time of trial, you will be asked to complete and sign a Stipulation and Order for Return/Destruction of Exhibits. The order will indicate whether you want to retrieve or destroy your trial exhibits and will not take effect until 45 days after the Judgment, Order or Decree is filed, or Mandate is received.